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GLXD16+ Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System
The new GLX-D+ Wireless Guitar Pedal System features the WA305 Premium Guitar Cable, the GLXD1+ Digital Bodypack, and the GLXD6+ Guitar Pedal. Go wireless without compromising your tone or complicating your rig.

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Unica 8M | 4K8 4000W/8-Channel Fixed Installation Amplifier Platform
Unica represents the next generation of cloud based amplifier platforms featuring high power density, top-shelf sound quality, and class-leading efficiency, designed to fulfill the requirements of medium to large installations with a single product family, providing a consistent user experience.
The all-new power supply section takes efficiency and world-operability to higher heights, resulting in less power dispersed through wasted heat. These performances, coupled with a clever approach to heat management, allow a drastic reduction in fan noise.
The DSP section is operable even when only PoE+ power is available, simplifying deployment and pre-configuration operations.
Thanks to a firmware-level protocol, audio over IP is managed through both Dante and AES67 protocols, and networking is achieved through 3 ethernet ports, allowing both Dante redundancy and splitting control vs AoIP traffic.
Enhanced Power Sharing capabilities have been developed for the output section, with each output channel capable of delivering up to twice the power when loaded asymmetrically.
Unica also represents a significant milestone in Powersoft’s development of IoT devices with cloud-native connectivity and remote monitoring functions without needing specific product registration or configuration.
Cloud integration allows storing and sharing projects online, keeping the amplifier’s firmware up to date, or may be used for simple integration in third-party systems through API.
MXA902 - Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array
The first integrated ceiling array microphone and loudspeaker for AV conferencing in small & medium spaces. Includes an advanced array microphone and a wide-dispersion loudspeaker for natural sounding speech capture and reproduction. Single Zone Automatic Coverage™ technology captures audio from a 20 by 20 foot (6 by 6 meter) area while onboard IntelliMix® DSP delivers echo- and noise-free audio.
MAILA (Modular All-Round Intelligent Line-Array) is not just “one” product, but a scalable sound reinforcement system that sets new standards in its diversity and flexibility. From a wedding reception to a conference to a festival - MAILA combines the best concepts of sound reinforcement technology in one system. Also, with the EasySplay® mechanism and many other clever features, MAILA takes user-friendliness in the line array sector to a whole new level. The result is a big, scalable sound for almost any application.
Passive 10” Full-Range Karaoke Loudspeaker
The Pasión Series marks JBL’s next generation of karaoke speakers. Delivering JBL’s legendary performance, the Pasión 10 is a passive 10” full-range karaoke loudspeaker that is designed for sound reinforcement for commercial karaoke applications. As a premium KTV speaker, the Pasión 10 continues JBL’s pedigree as a leading karaoke-speaker brand.

With exceptional sonic clarity, the Pasión 10 is perfect for a wide array of karaoke venues and applications. The Pasión 10 features JBL’s signature karaoke tuning that offers outstanding vocal and bass performance for KTV environments. Plus, the speaker features four 3” high-efficiency tweeters that provide crystal-clear highs and mids, while the specially-designed 10” woofer offers high-power handling, low distortion and minimum power compression.

In addition to unmatched audio performance, the Pasión 10 features a premium, sleek design. Adding to the stylish look and feel, the loudspeaker features an illuminated JBL Entertainment logo, which allows venue owners to showcase the JBL brand and system quality. Altogether, with excellent audio performance and striking aesthetics, the JBL Pasión 10 enhances KTV venues and provides karaoke-goers a memorable karaoke experience.


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